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Silent Office Exploit DOC

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Having access to the most dangerous DOC vulnerabilities as they happen, is no small feat. Get the best performing doc exploit for your team today.

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What is A Exploit DOC?

And How It Helps You

It’s hard to find trustworthy software in the penetration testing field, let alone powerful tools like doc exploits. We are proud to be the only official and legal source for true exploit doc.

Office Exploit

Exploit Office vulnerabilities are the most dangerous, since they refer to bugs and “holes” in the code, that haven’t yet been fixed. This means that when updating to the latest version of a DOC software, there are new vulnerabilities that come out, and users are not safe until they are fixed.

100% Undetectable

Xerosploit’s Office Exploit DOC Exploit is checked against 70+ commercial antivirus & anti-malware software with each update. Exploit DOC means your software gets updated as soon as new vulnerabilities come out, or the old ones are fixed. You can rest assured that your file is undetected, and your penetration testing is working against the most dangerous exploits to date.


Being able to convert any .exe file to .doc is powerful, and can cause serious harm in your device’s hardware, since DOCs spread easily. There is no way to defend your personal & business data without access to the same technology that hackers use to take advantage of you.

How Does the Office Silent Exploit DOC Works?

Exploit pdf

sing our doc exploit is simple, and doesn’t require you to be a cybersecurity expert. You simply choose the required .exe file, and run the exploit doc builder.

Our Office DOC Exploit is the most powerful solution you can find for any penetration testing scenario. Packed with ready-to-use templates, and a fast builder, converting any .exe file will be walk in the park, even for amateur penetration testers.

You can follow the simple step by step process in order to build your doc exploit, and you can rest assured that the resulting file will be 100% undetectable, from all commercial and known anti-virus and anti-malware programs.

Step 1 - Choose Exe File

All you have to do in order to convert your .exe into a doc file, is insert it to Office Silent DOC Exploit, and build your doc with simple steps.

Step 2 - Customize Template

There are many templates you can use that apply to almost any scenario, or you can simply tweak them to your penetration testing preferences.

Step 3 - Build DOC Exploit

When you are done customizing, simply run the Exploit doc builder, and after a short wait, you will have the DOC file ready to deploy.

Step 4 - Spread Anywhere

Since DOC files work in many different environments, you can easily spread them through any email client, browser, social media etc.

Step 5 - Penetration Test

After delivering your file, you can start the penetration testing process, and test all your devices and systems against the most powerful exploit doc.

Office Exploit Builder Features

exploit doc
Robust Development & User-Friendly Interface

Our Office Silent doc exploit is packed with all the features you are going to need, and it will be very easy to spread your resulting .exe file anywhere.

DOC Exploit Builder

Build a doc exploit from any type of .exe following the simple steps, or using one of the available templates.

Convert Exe to DOC

XeroSploit’s DOC Exploit is probably the only reliable solution for converting any .exe file to doc format.

Preset Templates

You don’t have to be a “hacker” to use our exploit doc, you can get the results you need by using one of our templates.

Office Exploit Vulnerabilities

Stay ahead of hackers and competitors, by having access to doc vulnerabilities the day they come out.

Full Compatibility

DOC files are very popular in many environments, so your hidden .exe will be compatible & undetectable with all of them.

Easy Spreading

You can easily transfer a DOC file through email, social media, chat applications and many more.

Purchase Office Exploit DOC

Supercharge Your Security

If your company is serious about cyber defense and data security, there is no other software you can trust.

Our Work Ethics

If It Isn't Perfect - It Isn't XeroSploit

We have been actively working in the cybersecurity & penetration testing field for more than a decade, so those that carry some experience, definitely recognize the XeroSploit brand.

Customer Satisfaction

We are proud to maintain such a high customer satisfaction ratio, especially considering the technical nature of the product, and the frustration it might cause to amateurs.


Staying under the radar is crucial when dealing with exploits, and XeroSploit’s Office DOC Exploit does just that, staying undetectable from 70+ commercial antiviruses.


Our doc exploit is compatible with virtually any other software and / or device, as long as the original .exe you converted is designed for the targeted system.

Consistent Updates

Windows vulnerabilities and updates come out very fast, and we make sure to stay current with the latest versions. You get an automated notification to update, without any recurring costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answered to Full Extent

It’s only natural to have many questions regarding XeroWare, so we have compiled the most common ones below. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • What is a Exploit, and how does it work?

    A  exploit DOC, is an executable file (.exe) that is masked as a .doc.

    That means that when the user opens the DOC, the .exe will start running its processes in the background, without the user ever noticing, or any antivirus programs being able to identify the threat.

    As you understand, the hidden .exe file could be anything, from a simple cryptocurrency miner, to a system surveillance kit or simply a malicious program that is designed to destroy systems & data just for the sake of some hackers’ beliefs.

  • How can a device / system stay safe & clean from exploits?

    The only way to stay safe from malicious pdf exploits, is to simply never open suspicious files from people you don’t trust 100%, and even then it’s better to always use a Virtual Machine to handle such communications.

    You never know if a seemingly legal company is using similar exploits in their invoices for example, so that they are able to gather important data about your own company, employees etc.

    We all know that competition in business is harsh, and you should expect everything. It’s better to be (really) safe than sorry.

  • Will I be able to build DOC files from any .exe?

    Yes. This is how our Office DOC Exploit Builder works.

    All you have to do is open the program, choose the .exe file which you want to convert into DOC, choose the “fake” doc which is going to open for the user, as well as many more customization options depending on your needs.

    Then, simply click Convert to DOC, and let our builder do the rest. You will be notified about the estimated time your .exe is going to need in order to complete all its operations.

  • Do you offer penetration testing services and training for our employees?

    We do. If you are interested in training your employess on how to stay safe in 2018, contact us with your needs.

  • Can I get a demo of Office Exploit?

    Yes. We offer a demo of the product, what you see is what you get.

Exploit Office Disclaimer

Be Responsible

Make sure you fully understand how a exploit doc works, and how you are going to use it, before proceeding with your order.


wning or operating a doc exploit is not illegal. It is true that there are some people out there that want to use powerful tools like these, in order to harm other people, compromise devices or spread malicious software.

Obviously, if you are aiming to use our tool for these reasons, we want to keep you away, and let you know that you will have serious legal repercussions. XeroSploit offers products for cybersecurity enthusiasts, as well as serious companies that want to make sure their cyber defenses are up to date, and their systems bulletproof from any malicious attacks.

Due to the nature of our product, we do not offer refunds.