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About XeroSploit

And The Man In The Middle

We are a team of 7 developers / programmers / penetration testers, and we’ve been together for 11 years. Our cybersecurity tools are even stronger than our bond, and network innovation is what drives our everyday lives.

Who Is Behind XeroSploit?

A Team of Dedicated Life Hackers

We are always looking for hacks, both in our day to day lives and the software vulnerabilities field. We are security-addicted, and value personal & corporate privacy over everything else.

Jonathan Davies

CEO & Founder

Toby Nerud

Network Security

Martin Skalický

CTO & Co-Founder

Amir Jayashri

Penetration Testing

Ed “Crypt3r” Gyoh

Cybersecurity Wizard

Jason Mandares

Head of Product

Elron Bonari

Community Manager

What We Do

Augment the Cyber Defenses of Your Systems

At XeroSploit, we are dedicated in finding solutions for cyber protection, and providing preeminent strategies and tools for companies that take their security seriously.

Penetration Testing

Every software being updated, is a probable vulnerability that hackers may take advantage of. Our goal is to make sure our clients’ systems stay safe under all conditions.

Cybersecurity Software

We develop software for many training scenarios, with powerful tools that work across a high number of OSs and system versions, so that you can train your users effectively.

Corporate Training

Your employees need to think before they click, and be aware of all the different exploits and malware they may encounter in their day to day business and work with clients.

Why We Do It

To Make A Change In Web Safety

We have seen real lives destroyed by malicious hacker attacks, and we want to make a change. We have already helped prevent millions of dollars of data loss for companies, as well as made a real-life impact by saving organizations all of us use every day.