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Cybersecurity Tools for Ethical Hackers

Act Today – Shape The Future

We offer complete solutions for penetration testers and companies that take their security seriously. Our ransomware and pdf exploit software contains everything you need to launch an attack in your users, and use multiple ways to test their cyber-attack awareness.

XeroWare Ransomware

Cryptovirology’s Latest Achievement

Few ransomwares have achieved WannaCry’s infection rate, and XeroWare is one of them. With flawless encryption and true automation from setup to deployment, there’s no other penetration testing ransomware that you can trust.

Instant Encryption

XeroWare’s encryption algorithm is unique in the way it works. It starts the process as soon as the user executes the malicious file (a pdf exploit for example).

True Ransomware

Most tools out there work with very specific OS versions, and exploit certain short-term vulnerabilities. XeroWare does more, and is always kept up to date with the latest Windows 10 updates.

Pure Automation

Automation is often overlooked in ransomware tools, even though it’s one of the most important features.

Zero Day PDF Exploit

One Exploit To Rule Them All

It’s hard to find trustworthy software in the penetration testing field, let alone powerful tools like pdf exploits. We are proud to be the only official and legal source for true zero day pdf exploit.

Zero Day

Zero day vulnerabilities are the most dangerous, since they refer to bugs and “holes” in the code, that haven’t yet been fixed.

100% Undetectable

Xerosploit’s Zero Day PDF Exploit is checked against 70+ commercial antivirus & anti-malware software with each update.

PDF Exploit

Being able to convert any .exe file to .pdf is powerful, and can cause serious harm in your device’s hardware, since PDFs spread easily.